General Features – why Aquanetix?

Features Benefits
Cloud Based Service, Access from any place any time
Aquanetix can be accessed from any browser. You don’t need servers or IT people and there is no need to install anything on any computer.
Easy Set-Up & Easy To Use
Aquanetix is easy and quick to setup. The mobile app is intuitive and training to the Users is maximum 30 min.
Real Time Data Collection
Aquanetix offers a well designed tool to collect data in real time. Data and reports are updated continuously and problems in production can be spotted immediately.
All Data Collected In One Place
Get rid of multiple and complicated excel files.
Data Analysis & Visualization
Aquanetix makes data easy to use and understand with a powerful Business intelligence tool.
Feeding Optimization Features
Aquanetix has various ways to evaluate feedings, improve feeding management & decrease feed costs by improving FCR.
Stock Management
Stock status reports updated continuously with the latest data, showing an accurate view of your stocks.
Biomass Estimation Understand your stocks with Aquanetix Biomass Estimator.
Personnel Management
All information recorded is personalised and evaluation of personnel performance can be done.
Performance Management
Get insights from your own data very quickly and use them to improve performance
Business Intelligence
Get automated reporting, visualisation of your data, broadcasting and make timely decisions
Growth and feeding models available
We have our own models running automatically for each species, but customised growth and feeding tables can be added in a quick and easy way
Integration with other cloud software
Aquanetix can be integrated with other software such as probes or automatic feeding systems.

Features based on what you are

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Farm Manager

Business Owner

Analytics Expert

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