What is Aquanetix, and how does it work?

My Farm
AQUANETIX is a complete solution for optimising the management of Aquaculture farms. It is a Cloud based fish and shrimp farm software which brings useful analytics to the aquaculture industry and helps to improve farm productivity and profitability.
User Friendly
Smart Tools
Quick Insights
It assists farm managers to reduce production costs by improving management of daily operations. It combines user friendly interface, flexibility in use and automations in reporting, as well as smart tools which give quick insights to farm administrators.

Mobile App

Mobile devices are becoming the main data collection tools for all types of businesses. Thinking ahead, in 2013 we created Aquanetix as a mobile app for the aquaculture industry. Our main challenge was to make it so simple that any user would learn to use it within a matter of minutes. The Aquanetix mobile application is being used successfully by all types of aquaculture users in many countries around the world. Our customers love it for its simple, intuitive and unique interface and most importantly, for freeing farm managers from manual data recording.

What can you do with the Aquanetix Mobile application?

Mobile App Features Mobile App Benefits
Record daily data on site, online or offline Reduce input data errors and generate reliable reports
Each person logs in with its own PIN code Link data recorded to personnel and evaluate performance
Feedings, mortalities, health status, environmental parameters Keep updated with events in your farm
Farm operations (online) such as transfers, harvests, new batch stockings, weight samplings, countings, scheduling of feedings No more handwritten papers in the farm
Diary for notes linked to the farm or the production unit Link notes to the history of your stocks
Feed Inventory control; add new feed arrivals, transfer feeds between warehouses and do inventory checks Always have your feeds inventory under control
Special feature for recording tasks in farms with automatic feeding systems Flexibility for any type of feeding system
Customised for cages, tanks or ponds. Used in hatcheries and grow out farms for fish or shrimp. For advanced Users as well as for beginners. Flexibility for any type of farm operation
Sea lice recording for Salmonids Quick and easy recording of sea lice according to the standards of the industry
Capturing photos of diseased fish or damaged equipment Quick communication of important issues
A very simple version of the app is available for quick access to record feedings and mortalities Even quicker data collection for dynamic production such as hatcheries

Web Dashboard

The Aquanetix web dashboard is the tool we have created for fish and shrimp farm managers. Data is transformed into information that helps managers understand the performance of their stocks and make timely decisions for each production unit. On the web dashboard, Users can record data, have access to key business performance reports, as well as customise our aquaculture software to their specific needs.

What can you do with the Aquanetix Web Dashboard?

Web Dashboard Features Web Dashboard Benefits
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your company
  • FCR,Survival,Sales
  • Forecast of sales
  • Forecast of feeds
Have a quick view of the performance of your company
Detailed stock status reports for each farm
  • One click history view for each production unit (cage, tank, pond)
  • Batch performance evaluation at a glance
  • Biomass estimation for each Production Unit
  • Feeding map (real time)
  • Temperature records graph
  • Farm status report overview for any date in the past
  • Feeding details with one click (who fed, how much, what time, for how long)
  • Day's operations overview
With the Aquanetix status report you can understand your stocks and make informed decisions
All standard reports
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports
  • Closed batches summaries
  • Personnel performance reports
  • Forecast reports for harvests, feeds and new stockings
  • All reports related to your data inputs
  • Export to any type of file (excel, csv, pdf, word)
Quick access to the most important reports wherever you are
Recording and reporting of Operations
  • Transfers of stocks
  • Harvests
  • Weight Samplings
  • Mortalities
  • Batch stockings
  • Countings
  • Environmental parameters
Quick data inputs and understanding of past data
  • Schedule feedings
  • Record past feedings
  • Auto-schedule feedings
  • Use Aquanetix feeding model
  • Use your own feeding tables
  • Schedule feedings for many days
Optimise feeding management and reduce FCR
Growth and feeding models available
  • A growth model for each species is available
  • A feeding model for each species is available
No need to have your own models to start using Aquanetix
Use your own growth and feeding tables
  • Add your SGR table for each species, feed or for certain period
  • Add your Feeding table for each species, feed or for certain period
If you have your own tables, you can use them and improve them
  • Forecast of biomass
  • Forecast of sales
  • Forecast of feed needs
  • Forecast of new stockings
Plan your production in a realistic way


Aquanetix offers advanced reporting through a powerful Business Intelligence Platform. Here the information from Aquanetix proprietary algorithms can be reported in powerful views that provide managers and analysts with insights and new knowledge about the business.

Interactive reports, graphs and tables visualise your data in a useful way and point out the numbers that need more attention from the managers. You can use functionalities like filters, drilling, conditional formatting, time intervals and more.

What can you do with Aquanetix Analytics?

Analytics Features Analytics Benefits
Visualise your data with interactive tables and graphs Make data presentation easy
Create your own dashboards with the reports that each User needs Customise to your needs
Use any type of filters to narrow and understand results Find what you look for in your data
Create your reports only once Automatic update of reports
Readymade reports and dashboards available Over 100 readymade reports available
Broadcast reports on your email at the day and time you need to see it No need to bother who will prepare and send the reports to your email
Storyboards: Interactive presentations Create them once and use them for your regular meetings with no extra preparation