The Company

Aquanetix is a company specialized in the management and use of aquaculture information. It is a software but it is much more than that.

We are a very dynamic team with many years of experience in different aquaculture fields such as: nutrition, genetics, hatchery and on growing farm management and data analysis.

The service we provide at Aquanetix is unique and disruptive. It was designed by industry people and speaks a language all farmers understand and identify. In addition to the Aquanetix software, we provide a complete service which includes on-going support, performance updates and customised reports.

It is the product of our passion for this industry!

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With more than 15 years of experience in Aquaculture, the co-founders of Aquanetix wanted to contribute to the growth of this industry and improve its performance through capturing quality data and converting them into useful information.

The idea of developing a cloud based software including a mobile application was first discussed in 2012.

The main challenge was firstly to find a way to record error free, good and reliable data on site. To achieve it, an Android application was developed and tested in 2013 in a Greek cage farm and in 2015 Aquanetix was fully developed and was launched in the market.

Aquanetix is a flexible and light software that can be used for all type of operations; tanks, RAS, cages in sea, lakes or canals, raceways and ponds for grow out farms, pregrowing units and hatcheries. At the moment is used to grow more than 30 different species including both fish and shrimp.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver an intelligent management tool to every Aquaculture farmer all over the World, irrespective of size of business or type of operation.

Imagine a world where our farms are run with help of sophisticated, exciting and beautiful web farm management tools, every single day! Aquanetix makes it easy for all aquaculture farms that use commercial aquaculture feeds and grow fish or shrimp.