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Aquanetix is a highly qualified startup team with many years of experience in aquaculture operations, fish nutrition and management. We are putting our knowledge and effort on the Aquanetix service to help aquaculture companies produce good quality fish and shellfish in an environmentally and financially sustainable way.

We realize the importance of real-time data collection and reporting as key to good farm management and optimal use of resources. We are focused on practical and usable solutions and our team is fully dedicated to the implementation of the first cloud application for the aquaculture industry.

Backed by the Aquanetix state-of-the-art cloud data management platform the company leverages production information and data analysis to provide customers with insights on reducing costs and maximize profits.

A unique user interface makes data entry clear and easy and reports focus only on the critical indicators to help managers focus on the important aspects of farm management without getting lost in numbers.

It is time to shift focus from conventional management to dynamic task monitoring and reporting for all types and sizes of aquaculture farms.

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